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Pacific Knows Plant Drinks COLD

Barista Series™ plant-based beverages perform excellently in cold coffee drinks, with a range of flavors that lend a neutral taste profile and delightful texture that elevate any café beverage.

Iced Coffee Primer

We offer some info on cold coffee drinks you can check out before jumping in to our cold drink recipes!

Iced Golden Tamarind Latte

This drink combines floral chrysanthemum tea with turmeric; it’s the perfect solution for those warmer days where you need a little extra immunity boost.

Royal FOMO

This fall drink is incredible in flavor, fun in color, and unique in its composition and experience.

Chocolate Hojicha

The Japanese green tea hojicha is paired with Barista Series Almond and chocolate in this delectable drink.

Hue Hue Out

Bitters, Barista Series™ and more make this a coffee cocktail worth savoring.

whiskey oat punch

Whiskey Oat Punch

This is a beautifully grassy and simple spin on the New Orleans Classic Whiskey Milk Punch.

Honey Syrup

Bring a rich honey flavor to Pacific iced beverage recipes with this concentrate.

Cold Brew Concentrate

This cold brew concentrate can be used in Pacific iced recipes to add a great coffee flavor.

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