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Our Story

Locally grown

Nourish Every Body

When Pacific Foods was founded we chose to do things differently from other food companies. We began with time-honored recipes using simple ingredients from growers we trusted, and we adopted sustainable practices to ensure kinder treatment of people, animals, and the planet. Over the years we’ve found that there’s one thing we value above all else: nourishment.

We make our foods from carefully sourced, simple ingredients to nourish families, our community, and the environment so a brighter world can begin to take shape. Nourishment is core to what we do and who we are.


Nourishing our environment is a high priority around here. We’re constantly working to lessen our carbon footprint. We use packaging that requires no energy-intensive refrigeration. We’ve eliminated our trash compactor. We’ve changed the way we use energy. But it’s hardly about the glory. For us, we won’t rest until we’ve left this world a better place. Really, our work has just begun.

Food philosophy

We understand your passion for quality ingredients. We share that passion and our products are a reflection of that. We believe in avoiding additives or preservatives in our food. Shortcuts aren’t in our nature. We’ve never set our sights on making food faster, cheaper, or by using the fewest steps. We believe there’s a right way to do things and it’s seldom the easiest way.

Our Involvement in the Coffee Community

Since the beginning of the Barista Series™ in 2002, Pacific Foods has partnered with the specialty coffee industry to grow and develop the careers of coffee professionals, support coffee events, and strengthen coffee communities. With the help of baristas, roasters, and educators around the country, Pacific Foods Barista Series™ has become a beloved part of thousands of coffee shops in North America.

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