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Extraordinary performance

Your customers want options

For more than 20 years we have been the innovators in plant-based beverages and organic soups and broths. We offer the breadth of products that your customers are asking for.

Barista_Series_Oat_Original_04320_32oz_Render_R_FF_1000x1000 (3)

Featured product

Barista Series™ Oat Plant-Based Beverage

Steams spectacularly and compliments coffee perfectly

Hemp_Original_06600_32oz_Render_R_FF_1000x1000 (2)

Featured product

Hemp Original Plant-Based Beverage

Made from the hemp seed - creamy with a mild, nutty taste

What makes BARISTA series™ different

Each variety of our Barista Series™ Plant-Based Beverages withstands the high heat of steaming. There are no burnt or bitter notes and when added to espresso or coffee, it doesn’t curdle or separate.


Community Spotlight

That’s what I love about the Barista Series™. It’s able to perform like dairy while still having that alternative aspect and deliciousness.

Lem Butler, Black & White Coffee Roasters, Durham, NC

Our story

For us, creating products and performance beverages with quality ingredients is only half the equation. We are committed to Nourishing Every Body as well as our environment with every product we make.

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