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Onyx Coffee Lab’s Fall 2023 Beverage Series Recipes

By Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab

Fall is approaching quickly, which means it will soon be time for cooler weather, fewer hours of daylight, and—most excitingly—fall flavors. 

Pumpkin spice may get the bulk of attention when it comes to fall menu items at the café, but there are endless flavors one can work with to get into the spirit of autumn. 

We’re very excited to introduce to you the Fall 2023 Beverage Series, which features three brand-new tasty beverages that use Pacific Barista Series™ nondairy products! 

As we do each season, we partnered with one of the most impressive coffee pros around, Andrea Allen, who co-owns the café-roastery Onyx Coffee Lab, was the 2020 United States Barista Champion, and finished as the 2021 World Barista Championship runner-up. 

The Fall 2023 Beverage Series recipes from Andrea are:

  • Oatumn Latte
  • Royal Fomo
  • Apple Butter Oolong Cocktail

Check out the recipes below!

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