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Community Spotlight · Stumptown Coffee, Portland, OR

Seanna Sample

About eight years ago, Seanna Sample started working in the world of coffee when she landed a barista job at a small café called Roasters in her hometown of Amarillo, Texas.

“My older brother had worked there in college and I followed suit a few years later,” Seanna says. “The coffee scene there was small, but it was one of the few places I felt accepted in rural Texas and actually found my people.”

Since that initial job, Seanna hasn’t left the coffee realm—and she says the people in that world are one of the main reasons why. “My favorite part of working in coffee now (besides the free caffeine fix of course) is still probably the community it’s brought me,” Seanna says. “I met my husband at Roasters, and countless other lifelong friends working in various cafés!”

Currently, Seanna works as a barista in Portland at the Belmont Street location of Stumptown Coffee, the iconic coffee brand originating in the Rose City. “Most of my day is spent chatting with customers and making tasty beverages,” she says.

Seanna says Barista Series™ products are popular among baristas because of the quality of ingredients and Pacific’s attention to all aspects of what it takes to make a balanced beverage. “Pacific products not only taste great, but they also steam the best and complement the coffee/tea they’re paired with instead of overpowering them,” she says.

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