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Community Spotlight · Mill City Roasters, Minneapolis, MN

Lauren Lathrop

Lauren Lathrop has been in the coffee industry in a variety of roles for over a decade. She’s worked as a barista, managed multiple coffee shops, trained and educated the baristas of the future, and is now developing her own training program and materials. She’s helped craft beverage plans and seasonal drink menus for roasters both large and small. 

Through it all, she’s still managed to find time to help develop the many plant-based beverages that make up the Pacific Foods Barista Series™. Going all the way back to Barista Series Almond in 2012, Lauren has been instrumental in testing and tasting every new product we’ve released. She even poured the latte art for our Barista Series Soy and Barista Series Almond packaging. 

Lauren also holds an important leadership role in the United States Coffee Competitions. As Chair of the Barista Competition Committee, she’s helped develop a beloved program of Unconscious Bias Training that every coffee judge in America is required to attend before judging. With her guidance, competitions have become more welcoming and inclusive.

Lauren is a tremendously valuable part of the coffee community, and we are honored that Barista Series is Lauren Inspired, Lauren Approved. 

Lauren Lathrop—Mill City Roasters, Minneapolis, MN 


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