Iced Golden Tamarind Latte
This drink combines floral chrysanthemum tea with turmeric; it’s the perfect solution for those warmer days where you need a little extra immunity boost. The recipe was developed by Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab co-founder, 2020 U.S. Barista Champion, and 2021 World Barista Championship runner-up.
  • 1oz turmeric tamarind syrup
  • 3oz chrysanthemum tea
  • 4oz Pacific Foods Barista Series Almond
  • dried chrysanthemum flower
  1. Make chrysanthemum tea concentrate: 10 g tea, 100 g water.
  2. Measure out 3 oz tea, turmeric ginger, etc.
  3. Prep glass with ice.
  4. Shake over ice to combine thoroughly and strain into glass.
  5. Top off with 1 oz almond milk.
  6. Garnish with dried chrysanthemum flower.
Recipe Notes

Tea steeper, cocktail shaker, and strainer

Collins glass, or any iced glass measuring 14-16 oz