Honeycomb Oat Nitro Latte 
Utilizing nitrogenated cold brew for this drink adds a slight fizz to the overall beverage, creating a heavy body and an effervescence that feels just like the beginning of summer. The flavor of honey, cinnamon, and vanilla combined with Oat and nitro make for a harmoniously delicious flavor. This drink is awesome topped with honeycomb or honey drizzle, forming a geometric shape appealing to the eye and the palate. Standard cold brew can be substituted for nitro cold brew.
  • 4oz nitro cold brew, or other
  • 10oz simple syrup containing honey, vanilla, cinnamon
  • 4oz Pacific Foods Barista Series Oat
  • 1 honeycomb, or honey to drizzle
  1. Pour 10 oz. syrup into cup.
  2. Pour in Barista Series™ Oat and nitro, stir to combine.
  3. Place ice in drink until full.
  4. Gently place honeycomb on rim of glass.
  5. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

Standard drink-making tools, access to nitro cold brew 

Medium-sized glass cup, 12 oz.-16 oz., or other