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Community Spotlight · Onyx Coffee Lab, Rogers, AR

Lance Hedrick

In 2014, Lance Hedrick took a part-time job at a coffeehouse in Searcy, Ark.

While he originally intended it to be a side gig and nothing more—a way to provide income while he attended graduate school—coffee soon came to mean much more to Lance. “The flexibility of hours drew me to the job in the first place,” he says. “A multitude of reasons kept me in, including latte art, customer interaction, extraction theory, sourcing ethics, and more.”

Fast forward six years, and Lance has accomplished an impressive amount in his specialty-coffee career so far. He was the runner-up at the 2020 United States Brewers Cup Championship, following a third-place finish in 2019, and he is a multi-time champion of Coffee’s Fest Latte Art World Championship Open.

Aside from competitions, Lance’s day job is head of sales at Arkansas’ Onyx Coffee Lab, which includes both leading Onyx’s sales team and heading West Coast and international sales for the company. “This simply means all states west of Arkansas (excluding Texas and Oklahoma), as well as every country outside our own, is my sales territory,” Lance says. “I try to reach out, formulate relationships, and provide unparalleled service for shops all over. I simply love my job.”

As a former latte art champion, Lance has extensive experience with a wide variety of dairy milks and plant-based products, which informed his opinion when he discovered Barista Series at a Coffee Fest in 2016. “Once I steamed, poured, and drank it, I was thoroughly taken aback,” Lance says. “Not only was the texture incredible, but it homogenized impressively and easily with the espresso, creating a harmonious balance between the plant-based beverage and the coffee. Until then, I’d never experienced a nondairy latte with such a beautiful marriage between the ingredients. This line was absolutely designed with baristas, and coffee, in mind.”

We’re very excited to have Lance on our team of Barista Series Brand Ambassadors, and we hope he can make you a delicious Barista Series beverage in the future!

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